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Molding, Drip Rails & Trim

Awning rail, corner molding, trim molding, J-rail, insert molding, drip rails and others.

  • Shipping Tube (CHW057)

    Shipping Tube

    Shipping tube is needed to ship extrusion trim to protect against damage. It will be pvc or a heavy cardboard tube. You are not paying $18.00 just for the tube. The $18.00 also covers the additional cost UPS/FedEx charges for shipping items in a tube...

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  • DRIP CAP - 60" (20-1065) DRIP CAP - 60" (20-1065)  Close up

    DRIP CAP - 60"

    60" Drip Cap - Size is overall length. Note: The ends of these drip rails have a wider radius corner than most of the original drip rails did.  We suggest adding 4"-7" (depending on application) more than the actual measurement of the door or...